21 January 2013

Year 2 spring term newsletter

Spring term 2013

Welcome back to the new term in year two!

Our topic this term is ‘You are what you eat!’  The children will be reading information books about keeping healthy and nutrition which is linked to our science topic “Keeping healthy”.  They will be making information fact sheets and writing and understanding the features of explanation texts.  They will also be looking at non-fiction books about Mary Seacole and Florence Nightingale and writing about their lives.  We will be spending the first couple of weeks of term looking at traditional tales (such as Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel and Rumplestiltskin) and thinking about the characters and the sequence of events.  We will look at different versions of the same story and write our own versions of stories where for example, the wolf becomes vegetarian and Red Riding Hood is rude and naughty!  Later in the term we will be reading non-chronological reports about animals and looking at the style and presentation of this type of writing.  Please keep reading regularly with your child and help them to use information texts and talk knowledgeably about a range of stories.

In the first few weeks of term in our maths work, we will be rounding a number to the nearest multiple of 10 and consolidating addition strategies; looking at how to partition a number (into tens and units) and then recombine (by adding the tens and then the units back together again) to find out the total.   We will also look at multiplication and division problems and look at ways in which we can work out problems involving these operations.  Please support your child by practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s with them to support their times tables work and ensure your child knows how to share a number of objects evenly between groups to help them divide.  Later in the term the children will also be looking at 3d shape, data handing (looking at graphs and tables) and angles (recognising whole half and quarter turns) as well as reinforcing the work on time we started in the autumn term.

Over the course of the term our thematic work will include exciting projects such as looking at printing techniques and sketching in art, designing, making and tasting fruit kebabs and learning about the life and work of Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole for our history work.  We will be taking part in drama workshops which will help the children to understand what it was like to live and work on the battlefield in the Crimea and to help them to understand why Mary and Florence’s work was so important.   In science, our topics will be ‘Keeping Healthy’ in the first half term and ‘Forces and Movement’ after half term.  The children will be keeping food diaries, learning about different parts of the body and understanding ways in which they can keep fit.  We will also design simple experiments in our forces work to see what effect gravity and friction have on how objects move.

We look forward to the term ahead and if you need any support or would like to ask a question, please ask your child’s teacher who will be happy to help.

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Published on 21st January, 2013

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