01 April 2020

Reading in Year 4: Varjak Paw, Chapter 4

Hello readers, members of our ‘Year-Paw’ book group (Year-Paw…get it!).

I am delighted to introduce Mr. Santos reading, just for you, chapter 4 of our feline tale.

Now, as I listened to chapter 3, I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Could this strange gentleman, with the big black shoes, be trusted? Why wouldn’t the members of the Paw family believe, at least listen to, Varjak?  And, would they regret no longer having Elder Paw as their leader?’

I hope you too are thinking about the story, and those of you keeping reading journals are writing down, or posting, your thoughts.  Perhaps you’ve written a letter to Julius, asking him to be a bit nicer to his younger brother, or drawn your own illustration of those sleek, black cats.  Here is one from the book:

‘So, without further delay, choose a comfortable spot, sit back and relax, and enjoy chapter 4 of Varjak Paw…’


Published on 1st April, 2020

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