03 July 2013

Rain stays away for sports day at WHJUN

The smartphone weather app said 'sunny all day' with 0% chance of rain but that's not how it felt this afternoon as dark clouds gathered and threatened our sports day.  However, Ms Smythe clearly has connections in high places as the day passed with only the a few raindrops who must have lost their way! 

In the morning teams competed together to collect points in a variety of disciplines including 'jump the widening stream' and ''hockey dribble' and then we enjoyed a full blown traditional sports day in the afternoon with many individual events and relays.  The big news of the day was that the green team, Olympia, stormed to victory by a considerable points margin.   Mr Stephenson has been in the green team for thirteen years – even before it was called Olympia – and has NEVER won until today, so we are pleased for him as he has demonstrated that he is a real 'Pegasus person' who has never given up on his 'dream'.  Corinth were the winners of the 'Most sporting' award and we are also really proud of them for demonstrating Pegasus values.   

A record number of parents joined us for the afternoon and enjoyed the immaculate organisation of the event for which we must say 'thank you' to Ms Smythe, Mr Powell and the staff at the school including the indefatigable Mr Gadd who provided the musical accompaniment. 

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Published on 3rd July, 2013

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