25 November 2012

Progress on building works at Whitehorse Manor

The buildings under construction at Whitehorse at the moment are phases 2 & 3 of the overall project.  Phase 2 is the part containing most of the new classrooms and phase 3 comprises the new school offices and the hall extension.  The builders on site at the moment are the second major contractor we have had on the project – Morgan Sindall.  The latest news that we have is that phase 2 (see photos below) is due to be completed by January with seven new or refurbished classrooms.  At this point all the temporary classroom will disappear!  Phase 3 should be ready by Easter.  Many parents are asking why this is taking so long and it is true to say that there have been some major hold ups along the way.  A electricity cable in the way of the works slowed the project up by 6 weeks and changes to the design also caused delays.  We have been promised by the builders and Croydon Council, who are running the project to provide extra places, that we will start to see more activity on site in the run up to Christmas and we hope that they are right.  If you would like to talk further about the project please contact Miss Sampson or Mr Roberts who will have the up to date information.  Looking forward to enjoying these new facilities in 2013. 

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Published on 25th November, 2012

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