27 June 2012

Pegasus Olympic parades

On the 25th June all the schools in The Pegasus Academy Trust held Olympic parades to celebrate world sports day and the forthcoming Olympic Games in London. 

Each year group chose a continent and did art work and costumes to reflect some of the countries from that continent.  Parents were invited to attend exhibition in the school halls and to watch the (complicated) 'mascot dance' which the children had spent a lot of time learning for the event. 

The children paraded around the fields in the same way as nations will parade at the opening and closing ceremonies at the London Olympics.  Each event finished with a release of balloons in the Olympic colours. 

We hope that this has given all our children, from 4-11 years of age, an understanding of which counties will be attending the Olympics and how the opening and closing ceremonies are organised.  Many parents commented on how much they enjoyed it and houses around Thornton Heath will be festooned with Olympic artwork. 

A great day! 

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Published on 27th June, 2012

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