22 February 2018

PAT – Year 6 adapt to the theory of evolution at the Natural History Museum

This week, Year 6 visited the Natural History Museum to attend a workshop introducing the theory of evolution.  We spent some time being shown around the ‘From the Beginning’ gallery which introduced the children to the idea that the earth has changed drastically over time according to altering conditions on the earth’s surface.  They then took part in a hands-on activity in which they ordered models of animal feet according to how they adapted to the changing conditions on earth.  We discovered that animals who lived in forest swamps favoured a smaller build with multiple light toes to allow them to walk on soft, muddy ground and hide easily from predators.  However, the descendants of these animals, who lived in open grassland plains, had adapted to their new environment by growing in stature and developing a single hoof-like toe which enabled them to run fast to escape predators.

The children also greatly enjoyed exploring the rest of the museum.  Particular highlights included: being scared by the life-size animatronic Tyrannosaurus Rex in the dinosaur zone; being disgusted by the creatures in the creepy crawly zone and getting to know our closest relatives in the mammal zone.

Published on 22nd February, 2018

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