27 May 2021

Message from Croydon police re: E-Scooters

E-scooters and the Law – A message from Inspector Kathy Morteo

Dear Headteachers, Parents and Carers

I am writing to provide you with the most recent information regarding the riding of e-scooters. The attached poster is a reminder that although e-scooters can be legally purchased, it is currently illegal to ride them on roads, cycle lanes and pavements and therefore they should not be brought or ridden into school.  In addition to this the riders of these scooters not only put themselves at great risk from other road users, but also the popularity of these scooters has meant we have seen an increase in robbery offences.

Please can I ask for your support in protecting our young people by continuing to ban e-scooters from your school premises?

Thank you

Kathy Morteo (For further information, contact: Kathy.morteo@met.police.uk) 

In line with this police advice schools within the Pegasus Academy Trust will no longer allow e-scooters to be parked on schools premises.  Please assist us with this by not allowing your child to take an e-scooter to school as we may then have to call you to ask you to come and collect it.


Thank you for your assistance with this

Pegasus Senior Leadership Team (SLT)

Published on 27th May, 2021

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