14 February 2013

January progress on building works at Whitehorse Manor

We now have a definitive moving in date of March 12th 2013 for the new accommodation in phase 2 – which is the building with the timber shingles at the back of the school.  This building has 3 refurbished classrooms downstairs and 4 new classrooms upstairs and the children and staff from the temporary buildings (Year 4 and Year 6) will move into these and Year 5 will be relocated.  This will mean that all the children are back inside together for the first time in 2 years! 

During the month the builder have fitted ceilings, finished the exteriors and decorated the spaces.  The scaffolding is being removed and temporary emergency stairs are being fitted to allow the top floor to be occupied.  Year 5 and 6 will move in upstairs and Year 4 downstairs and everyone will have large, light classrooms with great 'breakout' spaces to allow for group work.  In addition two of the classrooms feature sliding doors which allow 60 children to work together during sessions on the thematic curriculum. 

Enjoy looking at the photos below and lookign forward to 'Moving day'

Mr Roberts

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Published on 14th February, 2013

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