21 May 2021

CYP UPPER: It’s raining; it’s pouring

Despite the wet weather, Cypress students were on fine form this week; we have lots to celebrate. This week we continued thinking about planning and revising, really honing our BLP skills. We understand what revising looks like and why it is so important. We have also had our Bikeability course for years 5 and 6 running all week, which has been great fun despite the rain. It has also been raining Cypress Superstars this week! The children have been so focused this half-term, eager to learn and develop their metacognitive skills.


This week, our year 5 and 6 children have been busy gaining their Level 2 Bikeability training which aims to develop riders’ skills and confidence for cycling on single-lane roads and simple junctions. The children have been cycling  on our local roads, learning and practising skills in starting and stopping, identifying  hazards, safe and responsible cycling and much more. We hope they had a fantastic time! Thank you to Miss Powell for organising this training. See the gallery for some photos of the action!

Rainbow winners

Class Name Rainbow 1 Rainbow 2
Holly Mathilde – for using her capitalising skills to ensure her she put her best effort into her writing Malaika – for excellent collaborative work and supporting other to achieve
Cedar Rosie – collaborating and supporting others in class Finn – used all of his imagining learning power and resilience to create a brilliant story in his mini book.
Birch Abbey- capitalising when learning and always being an outstanding role model to everyone! Alesha- for the beautiful writing you produced last week Based on the story Wolf, Bird, Mouse, Snake; it was excellent!
Lime Greta – for using her reasoning skills in maths and drawing representations to prove her answer. Willow – for always persevering in her tasks and using feedback to edit and improve her work!
Hawthorn Anna – creating an excellent fox/nature drawing in the style of Daniel  Mackie Lucy – creating an excellent fox/nature drawing in the style of Daniel  Mackie
Rowan Asya- creative artwork of a nature picture. Luke – for his positivity and insightful contributions to class discussions.
Hazel James – excellent application of shading techniques during art week. Dhiaan – Great use of poetic devices in his Bradley Chalkers poem.
Willow Kenzo – For producing an excellent piece of pointillism artwork and always persevering in lessons. Mikayla – For producing an excellent piece of pointillism artwork and showing increased independence in class.
Sycamore Raphael – For responding positively to adult feedback in his poem about Bradley Chalkers. Mercy – for using great revision skills in the editing of her poem and for completing extra learning tasks at home for maths.
Beech Lana- for using excellent noticing and absorption skills when working on art week sketches. Cillian – for bringing his own resources to help him create brilliant art week sketches that demonstrated great noticing and absorption skills.
Oak Gavithra – For the way she selflessly helped her partner with her art after she had finished her own work. Ruby – for the resilience she showed during algebra and for all her positive contributions during Literacy.

10.05.21 Courtney – Improved confidence in maths, using her absorption and noticing skills to solve problems.

Nick – for his greatly improved absorption in his work.


10.05.21 Hassan – for enthusiastic and positive energy in class, making links with his prior learning and collaborating well with others in group work.

Esme – for the outstanding effort that she puts into everything.

Word of the week

Well done to Zariya, who used the word ‘insistent’ correctly, creating a well-written and ambitious sentence. Well done for winning the word wizard rosette! This week’s word is ‘ambitious’ (maybe I should get the rosette?); Miss Binks cannot wait to read all of your entries on Monday morning, so get them in at the start of the day before a winner is drawn!

Cypress Superstars

Well done to Clara (Birch), Alima (Rowan), Mohammed (Rowan) and Ian (Cedar) for achieving their gold Accelerated reader award! You are amazing reading role models and we are very proud of you! I was so pleased to see Cillian’s work last Friday; he had incorporated Fibonacci’s ‘golden spiral’ into an expressive piece of art work that incliuded references to his interests. You have all earned a place on the Wall of Wonder!

We hope you have a restful weekend.


Mrs Carpenter & the Cypress Upper team

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Published on 21st May, 2021

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