07 January 2015

Ice Trap!

It's not often that you arrive in school, on a chilly January morning, to find thirty Year 5 children huddled in tents on the astro-turf! Fortunately, this wasn't the aftermath of a bizarre camping disaster, but all part of the 'experiential' teaching undertaken in Year 5 to stimulate the senses and create Antarctica for the children's creative writing work based on the story of Shackleton's expedidition, as re-told in the book 'Ice Trap' by Meredith Hooper and MP Robertson. This teaching unit is part of 'The Power of Reading' project, which we have been involved in for the past couple of years, and focuses on using rich reading texts to improve standards in both reading and writing.  The children were very involved in the experience and it took some time before I realised that the smell of fish in the Year 5 corridor was another part of the experience (the fish tasting room!) and not just a very unfortunate packed lunch.  A huge thank you to all the staff who set up the experience and lent tents, and to Mr Gadd for his creative use of the leaf blower to simulate Antarctic weather conditions.

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Published on 7th January, 2015

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