07 January 2013

Hot lunches back on the menu at Whitehorse Manor!

When the building project on the Whitehorse site was planned we anticipated that we would be serving 'picnic' school lunches on the Whitehorse site for a term – with hot lunches due to resume by January 2013 at the latest.  However, due to delays on the project, it now seems unlikely that the kitchens on the Whitehorse site will be completed before the summer.  This is very disappointing for all of us but the Directors of the Trust were determined that this would not mean that children on the Whitehorse site would have cold lunches for any longer than originally promised.  Therefore thay have made a substantial investment in commercial grade hot boxes to ensure that hot food returns to the Whitehorse site from Tuesday 8th January – the first day back for the children after the Christmas holidays.  Food will be cooked at our Ecclesbourne kitchen and transported across to the Whitehorse site just before it is served.  Our catering partner, Harrison, have worked very hard to help us with this and will send the new menu home this week to all children who have school dinners . 

As with all new systems there may be some 'teething problems' while all involved get used to this new system but we are sure that very shortly the children will be enjoying their hot lunches again as if they had never gone away! 









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Published on 7th January, 2013

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