08 May 2020

Friday fun quiz – school days

This week we are going back in time to our schooldays.  We’ve got a real rogues’ gallery for you to have a look at but can you match the school photos to the teachers working at Ecclesbourne now.  There’s some who seem to have barely changed and others who even I couldn’t recognise. Before you have a look, here are the answers to last week’s ‘Spot the difference’.  Well done to everyone who took part and thank you to Filip who sent in his answers in picture form.

So, on with the quiz.  A reminder, perhaps, that everyone went to school at some point even if for some of us it was a long time ago. They really are the best days of your life!  No prizes this week but if you need a clue, the names, in no particular order, are below if you scroll down but no peeking until you’ve at least had a try.  Someone got so carried away sending me pictures, I had to include them twice!

I hope you’ve had a good look before scrolling down here for the answers.  In there somewhere are Miss Waters, Miss Christopher, Miss De Duca, Mr Strutt, Mr Robins, Mr Winborn, Mrs Cormack, Mrs Rose, Mrs Miles, Mrs Chapman, Miss Scott, Miss McKenzie, Mrs Edwards, Mrs Baldry,  Ms Sampson, Mr Kelly, Miss Scudder, Mr Ingham, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Marsh, Mrs Fisher, Miss Ubi and Miss Ault.

I hope you enjoy seeing these blasts from the past.  Have a good weekend!

Published on 8th May, 2020

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