28 February 2018

EPS Ofsted Report

Following on from our Ofsted inspection on the 31st January, we are now able to release the official report.

The report states that the school is graded overall as a good school and we are pleased that, four years on from our last inspection, we are able to say that this school is still consistently providing children with a good education.

We are particularly pleased that Ofsted have also graded the Leadership and Management and the Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare as ‘Outstanding’.

We are delighted that the inspectors acknowledged the excellent behaviour of children at Ecclesbourne. The report highlights the children’s outstanding behaviour around school and in lessons.  It mentions that ‘pupils enjoy coming to school’ that they are learning to ‘become responsible members of their learning community’ that their ‘excellent behaviour…reflects their understanding of the school’s values’ and that they are becoming resilient and learning to persevere.  We are proud of the children at Ecclesbourne and they can be proud of themselves too.

We are especially proud that the efforts of all staff, including teaching assistants, has been acknowledged for the work that they do in ensuring pupils make good progress and that the ‘warm and trusting relationships between pupils and staff’  ensure ‘everyone is valued and respected’. Furthermore, the report highlights the good work of the early years team in ensuring that ‘children get off to a good start’ and ‘make strong progress and achieve above average outcomes’.

We are pleased that Ofsted have recognised the efforts that leaders at all levels make to ensure that children are given the opportunity to achieve their best and we will continue to be ambitious for every child.  We will strive to ensure that all the children are challenged and that more children go on to achieve at the highest levels.

Published on 28th February, 2018

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