11 September 2018

EPS Magic Breakfast is launched

This week has seen the launch of our Magic Breakfast initiative at Ecclesbourne.  We have linked up with the new National School Breakfast Programme. This programme, which is run by Family Action in partnership with Magic Breakfast and funded by the Department of Education, is working to support over 1770 schools across the country to improve access to healthy breakfasts and learning.

We are now able to provide a free, healthy breakfast to any child who wants it on arrival at school.  Magic Breakfast believe that ‘no child should be too hungry to learn’ and they work with schools to provide cereals and bagels. They supply us with the cereals and bagels at no cost and we share them with the children completely free of charge.  Every morning, we will be serving warm bagels and children can help themselves to cereal before heading off to class to complete their early morning work.  We really believe that this powerful initiative will impact on children’s learning.  We have certainly had a lot of enthusiasm for breakfast so far!

Published on 11th September, 2018

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