22 November 2016

e-Safety Advice for Ecclesbourne Parents

All children at Ecclesbourne have been sent home today with the latest copy of 'Digital Parenting' magazine.  This publication aims to help parents keep their children safe on-line.  In this issue you will find articles on gaming, coping with on-line peer pressure and advice on cybercrime, bullying and social media.  It really does include something for everyone from those with pre-school children to parents of teenagers.  A particularly useful section on page 39 explains how to set parental controls and filters like 'SafeSearch' to ensure your children aren't unexpectedly exposed to inappropriate content.

If you would like to know more about keeping your child safe online, the Thinkuknow website has useful information for both parents and children.  For advice, help or to report possible internet abuse navigate to the CEOP Safety Centre.

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Published on 22nd November, 2016

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