28 June 2021

CYP UPPER – Y5’s day out by the river Thames

Y5 have had a fantastic day on their school trip today! They set off first thing this morning and made their way by coach to Fulham Palace, where they took part in 2 workshops; both brilliantly led by the Thames Explorer Trust.

The indoor workshop taught the children how the river environment has changed over time, what role the Thames has in the water cycle and also allowed the children to revise their knowledge of geographical features. In the outdoor workshop, the children had great fun carrying out some river dipping and they also collected, identified and observed fish and invertebrates; some of their finds in the river today include a flounder, clams, sea snails, eels and even some crabs! How exciting is that!

Well done to all the children, staff and parent helpers for today, as everyone had a great time and lots of new knowledge has been gained.

Y5 Team

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Published on 28th June, 2021

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