24 September 2019

CYP Upper- Pupil Council have their first meeting.

The pupil council members of Cypress Upper had their first meeting with Miss Binks today.  We began the meeting by introducing ourselves and explaining what we liked about the school.  The pupils talked about the kindness in the school and that they enjoyed coming here.  They also shared their enjoyment of having the garden as a place to enjoy for a range of different activities.  We then discussed the ‘Book Swap’ hut.  The pupil council members have decided to take responsibility for the upkeep of the hut.  At the end of break and lunch, members of the pupil council, who are in the top playground, will take responsibility for ensuring the hut is left clean and tidy and the door is closed.

For our project this year, the upper school council members have decided they would like to make some improvements to the bottom playground.  They like having the coach but would like to see a wider range of activities for the pupils to take part in.  The children have now gone back to their classes to gather ideas which they will present at our next meeting.

Well done on an excellent first meeting.

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Published on 24th September, 2019

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