08 March 2020

CYP lower school-a ‘buzzy’ book week in YR1!

What if a great big pumpkin saved our world when it floods…

Of course it was a tale, a wonderful tale written and retold by our visiting author Chitra Soundar. The story called ‘Pattan’s Pumpkin’ was an inspiration for the children to develop their own stories around the same beautiful settings in the Sahaydri mountains in India, but with a funny disaster twist and their own imaginative solution.

What if there was a huge eruption of mushy broccoli? What if the clouds burst out with marshmallows of any shape and size? What if a hurricane of paper clips blew everything away?

Please taste some of the original stories our children came up with!

Book Week has woven a wonderful tapestry in which we have celebrated the power of reading and imagination. Children have been exposed to the rich language of stories through our author and storyteller assemblies. They have acted out three very different stories read by the three YR1 teachers and received a story passport to acknowledge their experience. They have also shared books with some buddies in YR4 classes. Finally they have dressed up as their favourite characters and written some book reviews.

We would like to thank the PTFA, for funding this event and letting the magic continue over the years …

Published on 8th March, 2020

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