29 June 2020


Hello everyone!

I hope you are all well.

As you would have all seen last week, The Pegasus Academy Trust shared their statement on Black Lives Matter.  As stated “we continue to actively challenge racism in the day-to day and ensure that pupils and staff understand the importance of promoting race equality for the dignity of people and the well being of the school and whole community”.  We have high expectations of all our pupils and our ethos says: We Care; We are proud ourselves and each other.  These are fundamental values that we uphold within our schools and form life skills in young children.
We all work hard (this includes parents) to encourage our children to have a voice and to offer their opinions in a mature and respectful manner.  This is no different for issues that have been raised over the past few weeks relating to BLM.  We feel that it is important to talk to children about their concerns or experiences.

I know that the children at PAT are knowledgeable and informed about world events and of those closer to home.  Their opinions are articulated in such a ‘grown up way’ and the questions they ask are thoughtful, with careful consideration to delicate topics and debates.  This is why we would like to provide the children with two opportunities in which their voice, ideas and opinions can be heard and shared.

A competition has been launched for children aged 5-13 years old.  Oxford University Press want to bring children’s voices onto the themes and issues emerging from the Black Lives Matter movement.  They want children to lead on the process of writing their story.  From 6:30am on Monday 29th June until Friday 3rd July at 11.59pm 2020, they are inviting children aged between 5 and 13 to respond in whatever way they wish in no more than 500 words, in the form of a story (500 Words is the world’s largest story-writing competition for kids).  They are asking children to draw on their own experiences and feelings to create a story that can be as imaginative and visionary as you want.  Storytelling is a must!

This is your chance to show off your own creativity and imagination, using storytelling to share your experience and understanding of how different ethnicities and cultures interact.  For more information regarding the competition and prize, please click on the link below.


I look forward to hearing your stories! Good Luck!

Recent events highlight the need for everyone to be knowledgeable and accepting and to value diversity, equality and friendship; and to firmly believe that everybody should have an equal opportunity to succeed, to feel safe and that they are a valued member of the community.

I have been enjoying reading some poems linked to the above themes and thought that I would share some with you.






Next week, the following task will be set for you all.  It will appear on your Year Group Learning Page but I’m giving you a sneaky peak so that you can get creative and start planning.

TASK: We would like you to write a poem or design a poster which describes your thoughts and feelings about how Black Lives Matter.

Think about the following:
Why is BLM important?
What does diversity look like to you?
What is equality?
What values are important to you?

More information will be provided on your learning pages at the start of next week.  We would love it if you sent a copy of your poem and/or poster to your year group email address.  Keep your eyes peeled for your work being on display on our website gallery news story.

Enjoy participating in the activities!  I look forward to seeing your great work.

I have also attached some additional resources for you to have a look at with your family this week.  They are fab!  Enjoy reading a range of diverse books for free!  Sit back, relax and enjoy story time.  I know I will be.

Take care,
Miss Tye

Published on 29th June, 2020

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