12 November 2020

Online Safety for Parents and Carers

In an effort to keep staff, children and parents & carers up to date with current e-safety issues, the Pegasus Academy Trust has purchased a subscription to the National Online Safety service.

As we are sure many parents experience, it is a constant challenge to keep up to date with the latest online trends, games and apps.  This presents a significant safeguarding issue as we try to guide our children to make use of online resources safely, without being in full possession of the facts.

Therefore, on top of regular monitoring and conversations with your child about how they use the internet and online media, the Trust is hoping to help keep your child safe by making it possible for you to sign up for free to the National Online Safety (NOS) website to access their training and resources.

Please click the following link, and fill in your own details to register:


Ensure that you select the ‘Parent’ option and then explore the ‘Guides’ and ‘Courses’ which you feel would be useful.

Please contact your child’s school if you have any issues accessing the content.


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Published on 12th November, 2020

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