28 January 2019

CYP LOWER – Museum of Croydon: Artefacts from the past

Our three Year 1 classes were treated to a wonderful, hands-on history lesson today. Mrs Jenkins, from the Museum of Croydon, brought in a huge variety of artefacts from the past. These included everyday, household objects such as glass milk bottles, a candlestick holder, a scrubbing brush, a chamber pot and an iron from the days before electricity. Mrs Jenkins also brought in lots of toys from the past.

The children had a fantastic time playing with the artefacts and experimenting with how they work. There were really interesting discussions comparing the items of today with what was used and played with in the past and how times have changed. Washing clothes in the past sounded like really hard work!  We hope the Year 1 children will be able to tell you about some of the fascinating things they have learned today.

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Published on 28th January, 2019

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