15 June 2015

Learning to measure

In Maths Astronauts have been thinking about all of the different ways that we can measure.

We used metre ruler sticks to make our own metre long strips of paper. We then used these to measure out the length of an adult giraffe, a python and the length of an elephant's trunk. We found that a Giraffe is 7 metres long and that was the same length as 4 children in our class.

As a class, we also went outside and measured the length of the playground. We found out that it is 28 metres long.

Using clocks, we talked about important times of the day and how to show o'clock and half past on an analogue clock face.

Finally, we measured capacity.  We measured water in litres and centilitres and decided which container had more or less water in it. 

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Published on 15th June, 2015

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