10 July 2020

Friday Fun Quiz- In the Garden

Last week, I asked you to try and identify some flags from written clues and pictures.  Well done to Ramiro in Year 6 at Ecclesbourne, who sent in a near complete set of answers.  For number 9, the flag was from Somalia where the capital is Mogadishu.

Earlier on in the school closure, I wrote in the shutdown blog about how I was busy in the garden and now, following lots of sunshine and some recent rain, I’m starting to reap the fruits of my labours.  I wonder if you can identify the plants, flowers, fruits and vegetables that are now springing up in the garden.  I’ve given some clues to help.  As ever, you can send your answers to the year group emails or post your answers to your blog.

Van Gogh famously painted these. Mind your fingers on the thorns on these. Look closely.  There’s a juicy berry in there somewhere.
Unfortunately, the slugs have had a nibble here of these leafy salad plants. People sometimes say that these flowers look like they’ve got faces in them. One of the most common potted plants in the world.
Tasty little treats just ready to pop! The same as the last picture but not as tasty as their name suggests. A flower popular with slugs, snails and people doing the washing up.
Winnie the Pooh might like this large scented, flowering bush. The roots under here are as red as the stems of their leaves. Not quite ripe yet but great for soups, sauces and salads.


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Published on 10th July, 2020

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