18 September 2013

Nursery Autumn 1 News Letter

Our Topic
This half term our topic is ‘Hands’.  The children will be thinking about how we use our hands in Nursery:  to be kind, help, share, tidy up and be creative using lots of different media and materials.    We will also be talking about the importance of washing our hands when we have been to the toilet or before we eat, helping the children to develop good hygiene habits at school.  The children will be learning lots of different action songs and rhymes to help with early counting skills.  You can support your child at home by talking to them about how you use your hands and encouraging them to practise the above skills.

From Monday your child will be able to borrow a book from the classroom to share with you at home.  Reading together is a wonderful way to help children develop their literacy skills and foster a love of books.  You will need a separate bag for your child’s book (available from the school office for £4).  When your child has chosen the book he/she would like to take home, you will need to record the title and date on your child’s page in the record book.  Your child is welcome to change their book regularly, but we ask that you do not borrow more than one book at a time.  Your child will also have a reading diary in which comments can be written.  The teacher will write a comment every week and we welcome your response.  Please make sure your child brings the diary every day so it is always available for us to write comments in.  Please encourage your child to take good care of our books.

Ingredients Money
Thank you to all those parents who have brought their £10 contributions in already.   Your kind donations enable us to buy resources for cooking, making play dough etc.  You can hand in your money when you drop off or collect your child from Nursery and we would be happy to accept instalments if this is easier for you.

School Uniform
Your children all look very smart in their new clothes!  Please ensure that all clothing is labelled with your child’s name.  Spare clothes should also be labelled and kept in a named bag on your child’s peg.  As the weather is changing please make sure your child has a suitable coat for colder weather and encourage him/her to practise putting it on independently.
Please remember if you have any questions or concerns about any of the above we are always very happy to talk to you.  We look forward to working with you over the coming year.

The Nursery Team

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Published on 18th September, 2013

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