18 March 2020

Fun Activities to Do at Home With the Family

During this period of self-isolation and home learning, we understand that it will be paramount to keep our children entertained and intellectually challenged.  Therefore, in addition to the web pages regarding home learning that have been posted on the website, we have compiled some ideas for fun and creative ways to pass the time.  We have also attached instructions for a variety of fun crafty ideas and various links to websites that might inspire you and your family.  We will continue to add to this page so watch this space!

  1. Read books and magazines– pick up that book you’ve been meaning to read, or download the Kindle app onto your device and check out the huge selection of books on AmazonThere are also magazine apps where you can read digital versions of your favourite magazines
  2. Write a short story or start writing a novel– they say everyone has a book inside of them!
  3. Write a poem or song channel your inner poet or songwriter
  4. Create an uplifting playlist on Spotify or Youtube
  5. Learn a new skill– check out Skillshare for TONS of online courses. Or for free stuff, YouTube is a great place to look for tutorials. 2months FREE unlimited access.
  6. Paint or draw something– there are lots of step-by-step guides online teaching you how to draw
  7. Start a journal– whether it is a bullet journal, an art journal, or just an old fashioned diary to jot down your thoughts.
  8. Plant vegetable seeds and start a food garden
  9. Do a crossword puzzle
  10. Play a board game– check the attic for old board games you’ve not played for years. Dust them off and play some games!
  11. Declutter areas of your house
  12. Bake a Cake
  13. Sit in your garden/yard and breathe the fresh air
  14. Organise your wardrobe– you may not be able to donate right now, but it’ll be ready for when you can
  15. Do a jigsaw puzzle either a real one or download an app and solve a digital jigsaw
  16. Get up and dance like no one is watching– get your groove on! It’s good for the soul and keeps you active too.
  17. Exercise– there are lots of free workouts on YouTube – pick one to your fitness level.
  18. Phone or video a friend/family member– you may not be able to meet in person, but you can still speak to and see each other online.
  19. Play card games– classic card games like Snap, Rummy, Crazy Eights, Go Fish or even Uno.
  20. Watch your DVD collection– if you still have a stack of DVDs, go through and watch them all!
  21. Have a nap– sleeping is good, sleeping is healing
  22. Have an indoor picnic– or even go out into your back garden/yard.
  23. Build a blanket and sofa fort
  24. Scrapbook your old photographs
  25. Read books out loud– reading stories isn’t just for kids at bedtime – take it in turns as a family to read a chapter or a paragraph (depending on the book)
  26. Turn your video clips into home movies– there are free apps for your phone/tablet that you could try
  27. Dress up in your nicest outfit and have a dinner date at home– get the family involved
  28. Set up a family scavenger hunt
  29. Play a musical instrument– maybe you learned to play one in school and still have the instrument in your attic? Or maybe you bought a guitar and said you would learn how to play it? Now’s the time!
  30. Have a sing-along– singing is good for the soul!
  31. Play with Lego– everyone has some Lego in their house somewhere!
  32. Take photographs– learn how to use your camera or get creative with your phone camera. There are tons of opportunities for photography inside your home.
  33. Have an at-home spa day
  34. Play Charades
  35. Construct something from toilet roll tubes
  36. Origami – Origami activities
  37. Do some colouring– there are lots of colouring sheets that you can download online.
  38. Make a magazine– my sister and I used to do this when we were kids, it was so much fun!
  39. Make cupcakes
  40. Make homemade pizza – Pizza Recipe
  41. Film a “Cooking Show” while making dinner 
  42. Play balloon volleyball
  43. Go through a list of must-watch movies
  44. Go through a list of must-read books
  45. Deep clean your house/room
  46. Write down your goals and what you will do to achieve them
  47. Rearrange a room
  48. Invent a board game
  49. Learn a new language– I’ve been learning Spanish with Duolingo
  50. Make a time capsule
  51. Write a letter or email to someone– or even to your future self
  52. Bake cookies
  53. Have a fashion show
  54. Home Science Experiments –20 Fun Science Experiments
  55. Explore Google Earth– much of the world might be locked down for travel, but you can still explore the world virtually
  56. Help at home– Ask your parents/carers how you can help at home.
  57. Take a trip down Memory Lane– speak to your parents/carers or even grandparents about a memory about their childhood.
  58. Play pencil and paper games– such as Tic-Tac-Toe, Hangman, Etc.
  59. James Dyson Engineers Challenge Cards Challenge Card Download


You could also use this time to teach your child some essential life skills such as:

  • How to sew a button on;
  • How to put oil and screen wash into a car;
  • How to use the washing machine and / or dishwasher;
  • How to fold laundry;
  • How to clean and complete other household chores
  • How to cook basic dishes; and
  • How to do basic DIY such as hammering a nail into a wall.

Published on 18th March, 2020

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