03 April 2020

Easter projects

Today would have been the last day of term in any normal year and we would have been saying goodbye after Easter egg raffles and children would have probably left clutching Easter cards adorned with daffodils or new born chicks.  As it is our strange year continues but we are aware that nature continues to march onwards into spring regardless so we wish all our families a happy Easter and know that, if nothing else, this shutdown allows us to spend plenty of time with our families.  We hope you enjoy your time together.

We have prepared some Easter projects for each of our year groups and they are shown as downloads at the bottom of this page.  We hope you have fun doing the activities there.  If you have any success perhaps you’d be able to tell us about it?  Please blog a comment if you are in Year 3-6 on your own class page. If you haven’t been able to get through yet the instructions are included here once again or at the bottom of the page if you’d like to print them out.  The teachers at EPS and Whitehorse Juniors are especially keen to hear from their children so if you are part of a ‘WhatsApp’ group perhaps you could spread the word?  We’d love to hear how you got on.

Although the weather may be glorious this weekend please don’t think that all is back to normal.  The situation is not by any means resolved and we need you all to stay safe.  The safest place for everyone at the moment is at home.  Enjoy the next two weeks and stay in touch by reading the shutdown blog.

Happy Easter

Mr. Roberts

Published on 3rd April, 2020

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