09 July 2021

CYP LOWER – mathematicians and writers in Little Cypress!

The children in Little Cypress have had a very industrious week, showing particular interest in both counting activities and matching objects with numerals, as well as being avid writers.

We listened to the story, ‘A Dark, Dark Tale’ by Ruth Brown and it inspired many of us to write our own versions, ending in different surprises involving plums and chocolate! What fantastic storytellers you are! The children have been noticing letters and sounds in the environment and applying this knowledge to their writing and reading. Well done!

Children have been finding ways of counting objects with increased accuracy. They have been matching objects with shapes, creating repeating patterns and arranging resources in to ways that make it easier to count. Some of the children noticed the numbers on a ruler and spent a long time drawing items such as balloons and love hearts and then numbering them, using the ruler to help copy the numerals.

We have been making sure that we are keeping our garden watered and have noticed all the flowers and shoots that are growing.

What a productive and busy week!

Enjoy the weekend and the football on Sunday; we have at least three families supporting Italy in Little Cypress, so let’s see who will have the broadest grins on Monday; the Italians or the English!

The Little Cypress Team

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Published on 9th July, 2021

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