18 March 2019

CYP LOWER – Explosions in Reception!

What an incredibly exciting day we have had in the reception classes! Professor Bubbleworks, the scientist, came to visit us to do some experiments as part of our topic on ‘Journeys’. We put on our safety goggles to do the first experiment which was putting effervescent vitamin tablets in to small containers filled with water. We put the lids on really quickly, tipped up the containers, stood back and waited! Within a few seconds some spectacular explosions occurred…launching the containers high in to the air. The carbon dioxide in the bubbles created pressure inside the containers, forcing the bubbles to escape, creating an explosion as the containers rose in to air.

Professor Bubbleworks then launched rockets on the school field. We helped to launch them by jumping on the foot-pump. Lastly, Professor Bubbleworks launched a water rocket high in to the air.

We had a brilliant time, whilst learning about important scientific concepts.

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Published on 18th March, 2019

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