14 May 2021

CYP LOWER – Little Cypress – Cherry Blossom, Badgers and Cress Mountains!

In Little Cypress this week we have been channelling our inner artists through the Pegasus-wide Art Week. Each class in the school has focused on a different tree and ours is the Cherry Blossom, as we are lucky enough to have a beautiful one in our nursery playground. We have done close observational drawings of the tree using oil pastels, as well as painting and printing versions of them. We are going to collate the finished drawings and paintings to make a huge Cherry Blossom tree.

Another aspect of Art Week has homed in on animals that are native to Britain and our local area. Little Cypress chose the badger and we have been learning facts about them, such as badgers having a very acute sense of smell and that their homes are called setts. We have produced some amazing pencil drawings, paintings and collages of badgers this week and have been inspired to write about them after listening to the story ‘Tidy’ by Emily Gravett.

Our Cress Mountain was only started last Thursday and a week later it has grown in to the most amazing, lush mini forest! On Friday we made mustard and cress sandwiches from the mustard and cress we had grown and most of us agreed that they were delicious!

It’s lucky it’s the weekend as we all need a rest after such a busy and fruitful week!

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Published on 14th May, 2021

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