20 November 2020

CYP LOWER – A Week of Friendship!

Friendship Week

What a heart-warming week we have had at Cypress Lower! It is Friendship Week and we have been thinking all about what it means to be a good friend, including how we can brighten people’s day by doing little kindnesses that make all the difference to our well-being. On Wednesday, we wore blue for well-being.

Odd Socks Day

Friday saw us wearing odd socks to remind us of our uniqueness! We witnessed some fabulous odd sock combinations and how wonderful to end the week with thinking about how we are all the same, yet different.

Numbots Day  

We had a very mathematical day on Thursday as our Year 2 children came to school dressed as numbers! What a fabulous array of costumes we had on show and thank you to all the parents and carers who worked so hard in helping the children with their number outfits. We were all so excited to join in the launch of this exciting new computer program, Numbots!

Violet Class Road Safety Assembly

Thursday brought another fantastic live assembly, this time from Violet Class, who taught us so many interesting facts about Road Safety, as well as cheering us all up with some wonderful singing. Thank you to all the parents and carers who joined us via Googlemeet and gave their children so much encouragement.

Polite reminders 

Please remember that if you are late for school in the morning, you need to report to the school office with your child, to ensure that they are registered. Also, if your child is attending an after-school session (NOT After School Club in Little Cypress), they also need to be picked up from the school office.



Published on 20th November, 2020

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