31 October 2019

BINF – New School Council Elected!

Well done to all of the children that stood for election for a place in the School Council. At the end of last term, each candidate ran their own campaign to gain the votes from their own classes and the final decisions were made by all children voting at our library Polling Station on the School Council election day!  The results were very close between all candidates but we are pleased to announce that a new councillor has been elected for each KS1 class.

The School Council plays an important role at Beulah, regularly meeting to represent their own class and share ideas about matters that are important to themselves and their friends.  Through these meetings, senior leaders were informed that children from across the school had requested more play equipment to take outside at morning break and lunchtime.  The School Council decided to hold a “wear your trainers to school day” in order to raise money for the equipment, they publicised it well through posters and fliers that they created.  They have also raised money for some new school musical instruments through another of their brilliant suggestions – our termly after school film, which was enjoyed by over one hundred children.

Our new goal is to raise money for some new reading books for the playground and some bigger playground equipment to help keep us all fit!

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Published on 31st October, 2019

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