20 May 2014

Year 6 on the Isle of Wight: Day 2

Well, what an eventful night we had! A freak thunderstorm caused the fire alarm to go off and we found ourselves evacuating the hotel at midnight, in our pyjamas and slippers! Fortunately, we followed our drill instructions to the letter and were soon back, safe and warm, in our beds. All the excitement made us sleep very well, actually!  And so to breakfast.  We have all decided that there is nothing quite like a 'full English' to start the day, so following our breakfast feasting we were fit and ready for a full day of yomping around Robin Hill country park. There was lots to see and do.  We loved the 4D 'Toy Store' ride and the giant rocking Viking ship, The Colossus, was loads of fun and made our tummies go all wobbly.   We made our way along the Woodland Trail, and reached The Toboggan Run, where we all enjoyed chasing down the hill, clinging to the brake handle of our individual carts and screaming loudly.  A couple of us got soaking wet playing on the 'Splash Attack', and someone was chased across the field by a gaggle of angry geese! It has to be said that vast quantities of ice cream and frozen slurpies were consumed by one and all as we hung out and enjoyed the attractions.  After lunch, we just did it all again. And again.  We left Robin Hill clutching various goods from the souvenir shop.  Happily, the rain held off and didn't spoil the day. After dinner (more juice and lots of potatoes), it was down to the beach for the sandcastle building competition, just as the blue sky was breaking through.  Competition was fierce this year and all the castles were of a very high standard.  In the end, Mason and Reginald won overall first with an original version of the classic 'citadel with moat' design, which we'll be seeing more of at Carisbrooke Castle tomorrow.  A lot of passers-by stopped to watch our beach antics, and they seemed happy to see that we were having so much fun.  We've just had our hot chocolate and we are going up to bed. Night night. We miss you.

Lots of love,

Year 6 XXX

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Published on 20th May, 2014

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