19 May 2014

Year 6 on the Isle of Wight: Day 1

It was an eventful journey! The Whitehorse coach was late (due to traffic on the M25), then broke down on the way to Portsmouth! Fortunately, the tour company sent a new coach to rescue the Whitehorse gang, who finally arrived at The Channel View Hotel, on the Isle of Wight, just before 5pm. The journey on the smaller EPS coach was smoother, and they had time for a round of crazy golf on the Shanklin sea front, before getting to the hotel at 4pm.  Having unpacked and enjoyed a short suspension of the 'keep to your own room' rule, we cavorted around and enjoyed a good rummage in all corners of the hotel-thank goodness we are the only guests! After a hearty dinner, with much juice drinking (The novelty! The joy!) we made our way to the beach for some rolling in the sand, stone throwing and generally sandy frivolity. Back at the hotel, we enjoyed our first bedtime hot chocolate and it was off to bed…well, our bedrooms at least!  Tomorrow we will be at Robin Hill, country park. We are really looking forward to it! Hope you are all keeping well.
Lots of love,
Year 6 XXX

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Published on 19th May, 2014

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