03 February 2016

Year 6 at EPS have been selected to take part in Rocket Science with Tim Peake

Year 6 at EPS are very excited to announce they have been selected to take part in the Rocket Science experiment with astronaut Tim Peake.  This experiment, which is only open to a small number of schools, will provide children with an opportunity to carry out an investigation with seeds from space.  

After Easter, the children will receive two packs of seeds.  One pack will have been kept on board the International Space Station with Tim Peake, the other will have been kept on Earth by the Royal Horticultural Society.  We will not know which is which.  Our task is to plant the seeds and observe and measure the growth.  We will then feed back our results to the Royal Horticultural Society.  The aim of this experiment is to see if man can grow food in space or if the seeds will have been affected by exposure to zero gravity.


We are vey excited to have been chosen and will update you once we have received our seeds.


Rocket Science here we come!

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Published on 3rd February, 2016

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