07 March 2019

WHJUN World Book Day

Today, Whitehorse Manor Junior School was infiltrated by a swarm of superheroes and villains from many different universes. The Joker and his evil sidekicks had sworn to defeat the heroes of the DC world, including Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman.  Meanwhile, many of the Marvel squadron assembled and were ready to defend the school. Captain America lead, Iron Man, Thor and Hulk among others to fight crime.

Not only were so many superheroes invading our school, we also had the pleasure to welcome other comic book heroes such as Dennis the Menace and Robin Hood. As well as these, we were also introduced to some brand new superheroes and villains that were created by the children themselves.  I know they (as well as the adults at home I’m sure!) have worked tirelessly to create such masterpieces with their costumes and we would like to thank each and every one of you that made World Book Day so special for us.

I’m sure that the children now use this week’s reading activities to reignite this passion for books and encourages them to put down their tablets and games just for long enough to pick up a reading book and get lost in a universe of their own.

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Published on 7th March, 2019

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