19 December 2014

Whitehorse Infants Christmas production

The WHMI Christmas production of Prickly Hay was fantastic.  It was a joy to watch and you could tell that the children enjoyed being a part of it. It gave us an opportunity to see the many talents of the children at our school.  The singing, acting and dancing were of a high standard with the performance involving every child.  Members of the audience were heard to say ‘It was a fantastic and well thought out performance involving every child. Good to see.’, ‘The songs were jolly and upbeat and made you want to dance along ’and ’ It was a nice spin on the Christmas nativity and it was creatively done. The music was excellent.’ Well done everyone for all your hard work and enthusiasm. It really paid off and one more quote to top it off. ‘What a fantastic performance, I really enjoyed it. I had a tear in my eye. They were all great!’

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Published on 19th December, 2014

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