20 April 2016

Year 6 children compete in new BBC quiz show

A group of children and teachers from Year 6 were flown to the BBC television studios in Glasgow this week to participate in a new TV quiz show called Top Class which will be airing in the autumn on CBBC. The children competed against other teams from around the country, answering questions on a range of subjects, including English, Maths, Science, Geography and History. Their class teacher Mr Watt also had his moment in the spotlight answering questions on popular culture for the Whitehorse team. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the children answered a lot more questions correctly than he did. It was a fantastic day for everyone involved and the children thoroughly enjoyed the experience of being in a TV studio and meeting other children from different regions of the UK. A huge well done to all those who participated.

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Published on 20th April, 2016

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