14 May 2019

The wait was over!

Year 3’s eagerly anticipated visit from the school’s patron of reading finally came to an end when Margaret Bateson-Hill returned last Wednesday for an extra special visit.

She started the morning off with a whole school assembly where the children were absorbed by the retelling of one of her stories.

Later, each year 3 class enjoyed a story telling and descriptive writing workshop.

After school, a lucky bunch had the chance to create their own short stories in the form of a pop up book. Margaret had lots of ideas for the children to use but they insisted on producing their own original stories. How motivating! They had so much fun, home time was also missed.

I’m sure the year 3 children will be happy to show you their masterpieces if you just ask.

Thank you again to Margaret for such an inspiring visit. All of the children can’t wait until the next one.

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Published on 14th May, 2019

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