07 February 2020

Roll up for Museum Day

Pegasus schools are expected to draw in the crowds today as the much anticipated ‘Museum Day’ takes place across the trust. Immersing themselves in their topics, children are ready to welcome their fellow students, teachers, families and carers into their classrooms and shared areas. As a part of a phenomenal transformation, they are showing off the fantastic work that they have been doing so far this year.

Reception are sharing the work they have been doing about monsters while elsewhere down in KS1, Year 1 intend to tell everyone about the toys they have been making. This includes castles, musical instruments and even a mini-football game. Year 2 have a plethora of artwork to share surrounding the Tudors and ‘Great Fire of London’ highlighted by some life-like self portraits and Tudor houses.

In Year 3, they have been looking at the Crystal Palace while in Year 4 you might be wowed by art work and needle work bringing their Roman topic to life.  Down in Year 5, visitors can expect to come across some beautiful artefacts linking to their topic including an authentic looking Viking battleship. Meanwhile Year 6’s creations include Medusa’s famous snake-haired head alongside some delicious Ancient Greek cuisine.

Many congratulations to everyone for their hard work!

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Published on 7th February, 2020

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