12 May 2016

Rocket science: Measuring the plants

This week has been very busy in Year 6 at EPS.  As well as completing our SAT tests, we have also been busy taking caring of our rocket seeds.  Our seeds have now developed true leaves.  This week, we had to record the percentage of seeds still alive and the results were as follows:

Red replicate 1: 56%

Red replicate 2: 64%

Red replicate 3: 56%

Red replicate 4: 64%

Blue replicate 1: 88%

Blue replicate 2: 52%

Blue replicate 3: 48%

Blue replicate 4: 76%

Our observations were that more of the plants from the blue seed packet are alive than the red.

Today we had to measure the seeds from the base to end of the tallest leaf.  We then recorded the tallest plant in each tray.

Red replicate 1: 85mm

Red replicate 2: 71mm

Red replicate 3: 45mm

Red replicate 4: 51mm

Blue replicate 1: 72mm

Blue replicate 2: 93mm

Blue replicate 3: 72mm

Blue replicate 4: 65mm

Our tallest plant is in one of the blue replicates.  Next week, we will be calculating the mean number of leaves in each tray.  We are really enjoying our project and are using so many of our science and maths skills.

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Published on 12th May, 2016

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