27 March 2013

Parents’ meeting for maths

On the evening of 27th March more than 50 parents and carers joined the maths team from the Trust to learn about how maths is taught in our schools. 

Many parents told us that working with their children on maths tasks at home is hard because 'It's not how I was taught at school'.  The maths team from the Trust set about trying to help and presented and explained the techniques now used in our schools at an evening meeting at EPS.  If 'number lines' and 'grid method' were a mystery at the beginning of the evening many parents and carers had a much better idea of what they meant by the time they left and, hopefully, they can now use this knowledge to help their children with their homework.  They left with plenty of practical examples and had the chance to practice on mini-whiteboards!  We hope to repeat this event again in the future so watch the website for details. 

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Published on 27th March, 2013

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