02 February 2018

Museum Day at Whitehorse Juniors

Last night the staff were busy setting up their stands, keen that each year group’s offering would be considered ‘simply the best’.  Sven the Viking appeared along the top corridor and was joined this year by a very large dragon figure head.  The children’s work was displayed to maximum effect: boats, masks, and buildings jostled with mummified tomatoes and mosaics.  We all know that the way to the public heart is through the stomach, and the food offerings in Year 5 and 6 (smoked fish and honey cakes to name but a few) went down a treat with parent, pupil and staff visitors alike.  The staff went to town dressing up and the abundance of activities during the day were a real celebration of the broader curriculum. What a fantastic day!

Published on 2nd February, 2018

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