10 June 2016

Marvellous Mummy Making in Jupiter Class

As part of “Pegasus Challenge Week”, the children in Jupiter Class spent a day and a half designing and making an Ancient Egyptian mummy and sarcophagus.  The children worked in groups and had to make to begin the challenge by making a mummy as big as someone in their group.  Using newspaper, card, kitchen roll and bandages, the children worked to build up the base and wrap their mummy. Once they had completed this, they used their designs from their work in thematic to create a death mask and sarcophagus for out mummy. We then added an extra challenge – making the completed model stand.  Our finished models are now on display in the entrance hall.  We have lots of compliments about our work.  Miss Binks was very impressed with the team work, resilience and problem solving skills we showed during this challenge.

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Published on 10th June, 2016

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