18 October 2016

Mansa Musa comes to WHJUN!

We were all so excited to welcome Andrew Muhammad back to Whitehorse Manor Junior School for BHM.  Andrew was as inspirational as ever, teaching us all about ancient West African civilisations and making it stick!  The children learnt so much!  The enthusiasm with which he delivered his talk on the Empire of Mali and the history of the leader Mansa Musa, ‘The Lion of Mali’ was exceptional: he was the richest man who has ever lived on the planet with an extimated worth of 400 billion pounds in today's money; a man who gave away so much gold on a trip through Cairo that he devalued the price of gold in Egypt for a whole decade afterwards! The children were totally engaged in this history lesson, as their response to Andrews quiz at the end of the session showed.  It is amazing that this part of black history isn’t more widely known about and we are very thankful to have someone like Andrew who teaches us something new and inspirational every year.  I know that he's already working on next year's lessons and we are very much looking forward to his return.

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Published on 18th October, 2016

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