11 May 2020

Locked Down Rock Out – the results!

Well, it’s all over. The ‘Locked Down Rock Out’ Times Tables Rock Stars competition ended last night at 8pm and the final results are in. The lights have gone up, the applause has faded away and there’s just some poor bloke sifting through the debris-strewn mosh pit for his lost shoe.

So, did your school come back on for a second encore? Did the crowd sing along to their final song with their lighters/mobile phones held aloft? Or did they have to rapidly exit the stage after two songs under a barrage of loose change and plastic glasses full of (what they hoped) were unwanted drinks?

Well, here’s the final scores…

Overall score: Whitehorse Juniors (267,345 points),  EPS (211,853), Cypress (80,433)

Top scoring classes: Jupiter (EPS) 113,453  Sycamore (WHJ) 103,943, Suffolk (WHJ) 44,652

Average school user: EPS  (2,057)  WHJ  (1,794)  Cypress ( 665)

Top scoring pupil: James (EPS, Jupiter) with a staggering 74,814 points. You deserve a nice sit down and a cold drink James!

Thanks to everyone who took part and all the teachers who encouraged their classes to participate. Hopefully, you had fun and brushed up on those all important times tables!

Rock on!


Published on 11th May, 2020

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