02 June 2015

Jupiter make Giant Bubbles!

To start off an exciting week, Jupiter Class have been investigating the science of bubbles.  We began by mixing our own bubble solution and discovered that the perfect solution could be made using 1 litre of water, 100 ml of washing up liquid and 30 ml of glycerin.  Once we had made our mixture, we began by investigating with straws, using straws to blow bubbles in the solution and as bubble wands to produce our own bubbles.  We then decided to investigate our own bubble wands and made wands using paper clips and pipe cleaners that produced some pretty impressive bubbles.  After this, we tried making bubbles with different shaped wands such as cake trays, cookie cutters and slotted spoons.  On further investigation, we discovered that you can insert a straw into a bubble and inflate it further and if you put soap solution on your hand you can put it through a bubble but if your hand is dry then it just pops.  We then made our own giant bubble wand using wooden spoons, string and a key as a weight and went outside to create giant bubbles.  This was our favourite activity by far and we had some amazing results.  We learnt that bubbles are made when air fills up the space inside a film of soap solution and this pushes outwards to fill the space, leaving a spherical shaped bubble.  This means no matter what shape you start with you will end up with a spherical bubble.  We always knew bubbles were fun, but who knew we could learn so much science from them!

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Published on 2nd June, 2015

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