18 May 2015

Isle of Wight: Day 1

And so we set off. We had a much later ferry than usual, leaving from Lymington in the New Forest, so we had plenty of time for some R & R on the way. We arrived at The Queen Elizabeth Country Park to dark skies and driving drizzle, but after lunch on our coaches we ventured out for a run around and as we frolicked and played on the trim trail and in (and up!) the trees, the sun suddenly appeared and the grey clouds broke to reveal a fantastic blue sky. From then on it was bright sunshine for our drive through the New Forest where we saw herds of ponies (Yes 3H, New Forest at Whitehorse-we have seen the ponies live!) We arrived at the ferry port early, but they took pity on us and let us on. We made a dash for the top deck, so we could watch all the action in the fresh air. Ms Binks lined us up for a Pegasus panoramic photo on the deck and as we all yelled: 'Isle of Wight' the captain on the bridge honked the horn! The funniest joke of the trip was the deck hand who said: So you're going to the Isle of Wight? Remember to put your watches back…by 30 years! Ha ha ha! We arrived at the hotel, unpacked, ate and then it was time for the beach. Despite all the warnings about sensible paddling, we all splashed wildly in the waves, rolled in the sand and generally got very damp. And that was just the teachers! Fortunately it didn't seem too chilly, or were we all just super-heated by the excitement? And so we made our way back to warm showers, hot chocolate and cookies. And so to bed…as if! And so to pretending to sleep! We miss you. Love Year 6 Xxx

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Published on 18th May, 2015

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