02 July 2019

EPS- Year 4 visit the Hindu Mandir

Yesterday, Year 4 visited the Hindu Mandir in Neasden to complete our studies about Hinduism.  The children were amazed that such an amazing building was hiding down a side street off a busy main road in London.  We learnt lots of interesting facts.  This Mandir is the biggest one in Europe and it was built in London because of the large Hindu community.  It is made from marble and stone.  The intricate carvings were done in India and each piece was then carried by boat and put together like a huge jigsaw puzzle.  All the pieces made it here without any damage.  Many of the people who helped to build the Mandir were volunteers.  The building is 75 feet tall and took 3 years to build.

We were lucky enough to see the ‘Arti’ ceremony take place and the children were amazed at all the beautiful shrines.  We were very impressed by their respectful behavior and the many interesting questions they had to ask.  Well Done on a fantastic day Year 4!

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Published on 2nd July, 2019

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