30 June 2015

Duck Diaries!

As part of their science studies on animal life cycles year 2 are hatching their own ducklings!  Yesterday, each year 2 class recieved an incubator and 6 duck eggs.  


Listening carefully the children can already here the cheeping of the ducklings inside their eggs.  The incubator keeps the ducklings nice and warm until they are ready to peck their way out of the eggs.  The ducklings have to peck hundreds of times to get out of the eggs.  At first you will notice a little hole which will grow and go all the way around the egg as they cut themselves a 'door'.  (If you look closely at the photographs below you will notice the beginnings of a hole in the shells of the eggs!)  The ducklings have an 'egg tooth' to help them chip away at the shell-it is a sharp point on the end of their beaks, which falls off quickly after hatching.  We are very excited to see if any new arrivals will be with us tomorrow morning!

Published on 30th June, 2015

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