11 July 2019

Day 4- Black Gang Chine!

Wow! What a day! After breakfast we headed to our final day of activities at Black Gang Chine Adventure Park. We wasted no time and headed straight to ‘the cliff-hanger’, a roller-coaster which, as its name would suggest, is right on the edge of the cliff! Throughout the day, we had fun getting lost in mazes, playing on adventure trails and sliding down huge water shoots! We were pleasantly surprised to see Mr Robins, Mrs Achenbach and Mrs Vanner, who came to join us for the day. The weather was once again beautiful and the whole park overlooked the sea, providing some stunning views. After all the fun, we set off in our coaches back to our hotels for a quick dinner but most importantly, to get ourselves ready for the event of the week: the disco!!!

We will update you later…

Published on 11th July, 2019

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